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Lokabrenna aka Sirius

The brightest star in the night sky, known to most as Sirius, was called “Lokabrenna” by the Nordic people.  The name meant “burning by Loki”, or “Loki’s torch”.

Always my favourite star (and the brightest), its cold blue light so high in the southern skies <3

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'The Truth' from Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki

"The Truth" from Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki by Kittyhawk

Sex: Male
Age: Uh, old
Affiliation: Who knows?
Job: God of Awesome (or so he says)
Likes: Smart Valkyries and confusion
Dislikes: Being chained to a rock under the earth with a snake dripping poison into his eyes 

Loki was a giant who was found by Odin and his brothers. Despite their hatred of giants, they thought he was awesome, so Odin made Loki a blood brother, thus making him one of the Aesir.

Currently Loki is chained under the earth with a snake dripping poison into his eyes because of the whole Balder incident. Loki's whole take on the incident was the that "the little snot had it coming to him." This defense didn't help him.

Loki is able to project himself into the body of a stuffed white cat, so he is able once again wander Midgard. The knife he carries is for "little children and dogs that have the stones to pick [him] up."

Loki really likes Yuuki. A good thing?

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Puffin Books, 1977?Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1990
Macmillan London Ltd, 1975 (1st edition)Mammoth, 1992
Greenwillow BooksGreenwillow Books, 2003
HarperCollins, 2001?Fanart by nuu on Deviantart

Covers for "Eight Days of Luke" by Diana Wynne Jones (1975)

Classic children's fantasy book with Norse mythology themes. David is really lonely and angry one day and utters imaginary curses to harm his horrible relatives. Suddenly flames and snakes spring out of the crumbling ground, and a cheerful but strange boy called Luke appears and claims to have been let out of a terrible prison, which David doesn't believe at first. Chaos ensues as a lot of mysterious people start to appear, who are seriously pissed off & after Luke. TEXT

More about this book later. ♥♥

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Loki Bound by W. G. Collingwood

Loki Bound by W. G. Collingwood (1908)

Loki's Wife by Ros Barber

I hold the bowl over my husband’s face 
to catch the drip of venom, this drooling snake 
they fixed up over him.  A bitter waste 
of man, my man, for a simple prank.  I ache 
for the god in him, tied down, immovable 
as fate.  For my husband’s sake I give up me, 
for my husband’s sake I stay.  My hands are full; 
my devotion now his only sanity.

I hold the bowl until it brims, then run 
outside and pour the acid through the dust. 
As long as I’m gone, my husband screams and writhes, 
the corrosion eating deep into face and eyes 
I used to know.  But we are both changed:  by sound, 
by sight, by the daily rhythms we know by rote. 
I’m bound by duty, just as he is bound, 
the cords not at my wrists, but in his throat.

I hold the bowl, empty the bowl.  This chore 
that brutalises, sanctifies.  And the dish 
between us shields me too, from glimpsing the raw 
shells of his sockets, his sores, his ravaged flesh. 
But I must face the snake, cold-blooded beast 
that spells it out:  we are all meat beneath. 
What did I do?  How did our lives entwine 
that his eternal punishment is mine?

I hold the bowl.  No one in their right mind 
would do this forever, watching the thrust and twitch 
of muscular flank and spine, one creature’s writhe 
reflecting the other.   Memories flake and itch:
my husband’s hands before they were bound, the slake 
of his lips pre-blister, his shoulderblades, his sleaze. 
All I have left is the soft shank of the snake, 
tormenting me with possibilities.

I hold the bowl.  Each time I go outside 
it takes a little longer to empty.  This 
venom, its milky sweet-sourness.  And the wide 
mouth of the serpent dripping like a kiss. 
But the venom, its acrid scent, remember me, 
it says, remember nights mopping your thighs, 
crying for more?  
The snake hangs patiently,
its mischievous eyes soldering on to mine.

I hold the bowl limp at my side and watch 
its contents scorch into the earth.  What for? 
This is not the life I chose.  I can’t ignore 
the taste in my mouth, the absence in my crotch. 
And suddenly, I’m miles away, my feet 
bleeding with joy, my nostrils thick with musk. 
The wind in my lungs croons to the fading beat 
of his blindness calling, calling, through the dusk.


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"Norse by Norsevest" & "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge" from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Season 5 (1998)

Hercules has a bad dream and goes north to save Balder from the scheming Loki. I have a high tolerance for cheese, but this exceeded my wildest expectations. To be fair, the show doesn't take itself too seriously and operates on a seriously tight budget, but there's a reason I always preferred its sister show Xena. The acting was especially terrible in these episodes, and everyone except possibly Hercules seemed to have been hit by the idiot ball. Let's go to town.

Loki is unusually blond in this version, but then, this is the north, where everyone is kinda blond, right?? He gets the bleach blond though, falling soundly into the Blond Guys Are Evil And Kinda Effeminate Too trope. He does some nice eye-rolling at Thor (who's perpetually angry at everything), but he's not a very convincing liar, so, fail. Like with Marvel, he's the jealous brother of Thor (and Balder), scheming to get them out of the way, with the help of frost giants (the budget doesn't stretch to seeing more than some spidery claws onscreen).

Balder is nice to the mortals, but Thor learns a Very Valuable Lesson by the end that he has to as well. The Vikings and Norse Gods are both fond of the practice of hitting one another for fun and Hercules lectures them on how it's terribly uncivilised of them. It's the cold that makes them like that apparently. Oh, and there's the most anti-climactic Ragnarok ever, but don't worry, there's a reset button, because the Norns can't really see into the future. Or something. It's all pretty entertaining anyway.

I think the best line (and the best acted) of the story was Loki's: "I haaaate it when a plan falls apart!" *runs away*

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Enslaved - "Loke" from the album "Frost" (1994)

Laughter echoes through the night
The evening star shines over Midgard
Evil mingles in the dark
The organised cosmos' enemy comes forth

Loke, the son of Farbaute... Father of lies
Born of earth, unbound by laws

Takk weeps no heavy tears
For the loss of the sun's handsome son
But the mare in the woods submits
For the regaining of Foster brother's favour

Loke, the son of Farbaute... Father of lies
Born of earth, unbound by laws

The salmon glides in the waterfall
The eagle sails with the wind
Hammer groans in Jotun scull
The underground spurts fire

Laughter, deceit, beauty and contempt
The Old Norse Gods' protector and leader of Jotuns

...fucking metal. Some fine, fine demented laughter at the end there. 

If you like black metal, it's a classic album. If you don't, check out the lyrics anyway to the other tracks, such as "Fenris", "Jotunblod" and "Wotan".

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Thor and Loki by cognitivemiscellanea



Thor is hating Loki right now, but he loves Mjolnir more. Bless 'em both

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  "You think me at fault for the mason," Loki said.
    Heimdall did not answer.
    "Maybe you are right to blame me. It was on my advice that the Allfather accepted the bargain and the mason's price as well."
    Heimdall's lip curled up. His hatred of Loki was legendary. "Do you seek to give me further reason to scorn you? There is no need. You can sink no lower in my estimation. A worm can only burrow so deep into the muck."
    "You do me wrong. Look on Asgard and see the wall that now stands. When the giants march at Ragnarok, remember that the wall is there once more because I proposed the bargain. And the cost was nothing more than a few thunderbolts from Mjolnir."
    Heimdall sneered. "You risk much when it is not your own hide at stake. Where were you when the mason attacked?"
    Loki ignored Heimdall's accusing tone. Much as he desired to explain what he had sacrificed, he knew that his role in defeating the mason could never be revealed. Savior of Freyja or not, they would kill him if they knew giant blood ran through his veins.
    "I am not here to argue. I seek only to bring this foal to Odin, as a gift."
    "So that we can forget how you bargained with one of our hated enemies?" Heimdall narrowed his eyes at the horse. "Where did you get it?"
    I birthed it myself after coupling with the mason's horse, he thought. He would have relished the look on Heimdall's face, but that moment would be cut short when the guardian withdrew his sword.     "It is the spawn of the mason's horse. It will be a fitting steed for the Allfather." It was a partial truth, at least.
    "That explains little. Why does it have eight legs?" Heimdall's tone was laced with suspicion.
    "I didn't ask."
    Heimdall sneered. "Your mocking words will be your undoing one day."  
Loki, by Mike Vasich, 2011

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Loki's Rhapsody - from the Danish Christmas family show "Jul i Valhal", 2005

A Eurovision-worthy spectacle as Loki, flanked by two skimpily-attired Jotuns, threatens to have his revenge on the Aesir and bring on Ragnarok.

(I don't speak any Northern European languages apart from English, so this is the best translation I could come up with via this and google translate. If you know Danish or Norwegian, please correct me!)

It is impossible to think
When you sit like a beast
Chained like a fool
All these years
How and when do I get the chance to cut my hair?
Without the beard [in my eggs – idiom?], I will leave my wall

And go home to them
And with claws five
Be wicked again
An old family friend shows his true face
And it may well be that two children get good ideas
Overlooking a bad character
And forget to focus, snowed in for more than a break [idioms?] 

Give me a little piano

Hear how it sounds when I crush the Aesir to shreds!
[Like grapes] they hang in bunches, laze and fool around

Now you must look out, Thor
The womanly crooner
We know where you live 

I’m not bitter or angry
I just have one tremendous desire:
To do everyone harm 

So I’m taking off, will you come with me?            

Hey what is that I smell? Is it home-baking?
Nay, it is the sweet smell of defeat.
Gods’ discomfort becomes the easiest thing
And with magic I force the Yule days back into the dark
To pat cakes that so unfortunately taste so dry 

Hey, Odin, you’re amusing in your ruin
A little one-eyed dwarf rabbit
That shakes like a coward
When I amuse myself
Ho ho ho ho!
I wonder who is backed into the corner, in retreat, with godly babbling?

Soon begins a new era
With a guy named Loki 

You cannot, just like that, throw one’s family out
Especially when they have been born as gods 

Enough is enough, sing in a group!
Go beserk!
God-shock, Lokelok, Ragnarok!

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 Malms Slottspark, Sweden


To punish Loki for the crimes he had commited, including killing Odins son Balder, the gods tied him up in a cave with one of his sons insides. A giantess hung a large snake over Loki and when a drop of the snakes poison dropped onto Lokies face he would twist in pain so the hole world shook.

This is a replica of that cave. It lies in Malmös slottspark, Sweden. It’s so convinient being a Avengers Loki fan and Swedish.

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Loki is beautiful and comely to look upon, dishonest in spirit, very fickle in habit. He surpassed others in that wisdom which is called ‘sleight,’ and had artifices for all occasions; he would ever bring the Æsir into great hardships, and then get them out with crafty counsel.

― Gylfaginning XXXIII, Prose Edda  (via skadisdottir)
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Everyone was asleep in Asgard, which naturally made it a good time for Loki to run around being a dick. This asshole, up at way-too-fucking-late-o’clock decided that the only reasonable thing to do in this situation was to go piss off people he couldn’t handle, because no one ever told him not to pick fights he couldn’t handle. So what does this asshole do? He sneaks into Sif’s room while she’s asleep and cuts her fucking hair off. Why? Because he fucking could. To be a dick, he drops all the hair in a big pile on the floor and traipses the fuck off to go to sleep now that his work is done. 

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When people tell me they are into Norse mythology because they liked the movie Thor.

Seems to me it doesn't matter how you came to like Norse mythology, as long as you don't mistake inspiration for source.

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Norse!Loki by karmabees




Seeing lydia livestreaming her Sleipnir drawing last night drawing made me want to draw Norse!Loki. When I was like 10 and reading about norse mythology this is what my mind conjured up for him and it’s stayed about the same in my mind since then. Androgynous ginger kids woo!

ANYWAY i guess I’ll go draw other things now siiigh

I like this Loki very, VERY much.

There’s something about his nose, his eyes, even about his pose that makes him seem inhuman, that brings the wilds and the woods to mind, and that is the Loki I know, that is the one I see.

I love this so much. Nice work. ♥

The wilds and the woods!

Gorgeous work. 

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Loki's Monstrous Brood

Loki's Monstrous Brood, from D'Aulaires' book of Norse Myths, 1967.

Loki, the God of the Jotun Race

When Odin was still young - before he had hanged himself on Yggdrasil and drunk from the Well of Wisdom - his eyes had fallen on a jotun named Loki. He was graceful and handsome, not uncouth and misshapen like most of his race. Many jotuns could change themselves in wolves or eagles, but Loki could take on any shape he wished, even female ones. Nimble-witted and bright, full of clever ideas, Loki was like a flickering, shining flame, and Odin was so taken with him that he asked him to be his blood brother. Loki gladly accepted the offer. So each cut a small vein in his arm and, letting their blood flow together, they solemnly swore to be as true brothers from then on. They would stand by each other, defend each other, and never accept a favor unless it was also offered to the other.

Thus Loki, the jotun, became one of the Aesir and moved up to Asgard, where the great and holy ones welcomed him. Thor especially liked to have cunning Loki at his side, for Thor was not quite as quick-thinking as he was fast-acting. Loki helped him out of many a scrape, but he also got him into some.

Odin gave Loki one of the goddesses, Sigunn, for his wife. She was loving and kind and very patient with her fickle husband. But in Jotunheim, Loki had another wife, the dreadful ogress Angerboda. She was a better match for him, for, as the Aesir soon found out, Loki was really vicious and spiteful. He loved to play mean tricks, and it didn't matter to him whom he tricked. Neither Aesir nor jotuns could trust him, and he was always causing trouble.

But Loki was so quick-witted and honey-tongued that the Aesir always forgave him his misdeeds. Besides, Odin's blood flowed in his veins and no one dared to harm him.

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D'Aulaires' book of Norse Myths - From the preface by Michael Chabon:

Ally and enemy, genius and failure; delightful and despicable, ridiculous and deadly, beautiful and hideous, hilarious and bitter, clever and foolish, Loki is the God of Nothing in Particular yet unmistakably of the ambiguous World Itself. It was in reading this book that I first felt the power of that ambiguity. Loki never turned up among the lists of Great Literary Heroes (or Villains) of Childhood, and yet he was my favorite character in the book that was for many years my favorite, a book whose subtitle might have been How Loki Ruined the World and Made it Worth Talking About. Loki was the god of my own mind as a child, with its competing impulses of vandalism and vision, of imagining things and smashing them. And as he cooked up schemes and foiled them, fathered monsters and stymied them, helped forestall the end of things and hastened it, he was god of the endlessly complicating nature of plot, of storytelling itself.

I grew up in a time of mortal gods who knew, like Odin, that the world of marvels they had created was on the verge, through their own faithlessness and might, of Ragnarokk, a time when the best impulses of men and the worst were laid bare in Mississippi and Vietnam, when the suburban Midgard where I grew up was threatened - or so we were told - by frost-giants and fire-giants sworn to destroy it. And I guess I saw all of that reflected in this book. But if those parallels were there, then so was Loki, and not merely in his treachery and his urge to scheme and spoil. Loki was funny - he made the other gods laugh. In his fickleness and his fertile imagination he even brought pleasure to Odin, who with all his well-sipping and auto-asphyxiation knew too much ever to be otherwise amused. This was, in fact the reason why Odin had taken the great, foredoomed step of making Loki his blood brother - for the pleasure, pure and simple, of his company. Loki was the god of the irresistible gag, the gratuitous punchline, the improvised, half-baked solution - the God of the Eight-Year-Old Boy - and like all great jokers and improvisers, as often the butt and the perpetrator of his greatest stunts.

In the end, it was not the familiar darkness of the universe and of my human heart that bound me forever to this book and the nine worlds it contained. It was the bright thread of silliness, of mockery and self-mockery, of gods forced (repeatedly) to dress as women, and submit to the amorous attentions of stallions, and wrestle old ladies.

So many Norse mythology & Loki feels    

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Adaptations of Loki:1852- present
I don't even know all these yet!

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