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'On the rainbow bridge' by jen-and-kris

"On the rainbow bridge" by jen-and-kris (2012)

Loki & Thor, what feels like a very long time ago on the Bifrost.

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Puffin Books, 1977?Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1990
Macmillan London Ltd, 1975 (1st edition)Mammoth, 1992
Greenwillow BooksGreenwillow Books, 2003
HarperCollins, 2001?Fanart by nuu on Deviantart

Covers for "Eight Days of Luke" by Diana Wynne Jones (1975)

Classic children's fantasy book with Norse mythology themes. David is really lonely and angry one day and utters imaginary curses to harm his horrible relatives. Suddenly flames and snakes spring out of the crumbling ground, and a cheerful but strange boy called Luke appears and claims to have been let out of a terrible prison, which David doesn't believe at first. Chaos ensues as a lot of mysterious people start to appear, who are seriously pissed off & after Luke. TEXT

More about this book later. ♥♥

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never leave the past behind by Kaiser-chan

never leave the past behind by ~Kaiser-chan
I love kid!Loki from the recent Journey Into Mystery comics so much and this is an awesome, evocative fanwork. So damn excited and nervous about the upcoming Everything Burns arc.

I love how kid!Loki is trying to be a force for good in this lifetime, but basically lies, cheats and tricks his way through achieving these goals, which often have negative side-consequences. Making enemies of former allies, and, well, enemies of former enemies. I think Volstagg is coming around, though.

What do you do when you have, on the face of it, a clean slate to begin afresh, but a dark past that won't go away? Is it tempting sometimes?

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