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Heimdal, Ydun, Thor and Loke in Copenhagen

Heimdal, Ydun, Thor and Loke in Copenhagen: "Guldhornene" [Denmark, 2007]

Danish family film following on from "Jul I Valhal". The gods have to prevent the Golden Horn from falling into the giant Thrym's hands, but as their powers don't extend so far in a modern high-tech society, they need to disguise themselves and enlist the help of 3 resourceful children.

I haven't seen either yet, just clips, though I think I maaay have found a source for the originals. As far as I can tell, Loke's primary trait is "sulkiness", lol. And being vain about his mane. He looks fetching in a blue boiler suit.

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Enslaved - "Loke" from the album "Frost" (1994)

Laughter echoes through the night
The evening star shines over Midgard
Evil mingles in the dark
The organised cosmos' enemy comes forth

Loke, the son of Farbaute... Father of lies
Born of earth, unbound by laws

Takk weeps no heavy tears
For the loss of the sun's handsome son
But the mare in the woods submits
For the regaining of Foster brother's favour

Loke, the son of Farbaute... Father of lies
Born of earth, unbound by laws

The salmon glides in the waterfall
The eagle sails with the wind
Hammer groans in Jotun scull
The underground spurts fire

Laughter, deceit, beauty and contempt
The Old Norse Gods' protector and leader of Jotuns

...fucking metal. Some fine, fine demented laughter at the end there. 

If you like black metal, it's a classic album. If you don't, check out the lyrics anyway to the other tracks, such as "Fenris", "Jotunblod" and "Wotan".

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