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Loge (played by Richard Croft)

Fricka/Frigga, Fasolt/Regin, Donner/Thor, Freia/Freyja, Froh/Freyr, Loge/Loki, Wotan/Odin and Fafner/Fafnir

Loge (Loki) and the gods (mouse over images for details), Das Rheingold by Wagner [Metropolitan Opera, USA 2010+]

After so many productions of Wagner, like Shakespeare, one of the highlights of a new production is in experiencing how creative and fabulous the costumes and production can get. This was directed by Cirque du Soleil director Robert Lepage (and it shows in the visuals!).

Loge is played by Richard Croft, who was apparently inspired by MCU!Loki in his performance after seeing the Avengers. His partner playfully compares him to MCU!Iron Man rather than Loki in looks:

Iron Man vs Loge

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Mime and Loge converse in Nibelheim

Mime and Loge converse in Nibelheim. From Das Rheingold, Los Angeles, 2010.

Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen is an operatic saga based on characters from the old Norse eddas and the epic poem Nibelungenlied. Loge/Loki is the god of fire who eventually destroys everything. Loge is buddies with Wotan/Odin (making Fricka/Frigga jealous), and, true to form, uses his wits and tricks to get the gods out of their messes. Mime/Mimir is a dwarf/dark elf who forged a cursed and powerful ring for which a fight for its possession is at the centre of the saga (sound familiar?).

Loge is diabolically satanic with Joker-ish overtones in this adaptation from the LA Opera.

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