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07:46 pm

Loki figure, by Wendy Froud. (Photo by Brian Froud.)

08:11 pm

'never leave the past behind' drawn by Kaiser-chan

08:24 pm

Mime and Loge converse in Nibelheim. From Das Rheingold, Los Angeles, 2010.

09:07 pm

Adaptations of Loki: 1852 - present

10:32 pm

Books on Norse mythology

10:44 pm

D'Aulaires' book of Norse Myths - Preface on Loki

11:03 pm

Loki's Monstrous Brood / The God of the Jotun Race

10:03 pm

Norse!Loki drawn by karmabees

10:38 pm

When people tell me they are into Norse mythology because they liked the movie Thor

10:42 pm

Depictions of Loki: 11th century to present

11:03 pm

Rancid - Loki

11:12 pm

Norse: Treasure of the Gods

11:17 pm

"Loki is beautiful and comely to look upon"

03:19 pm

Mythical Detective Loki drawn by 五百瀬

03:24 pm

Loki's cave in Malmös Slottspark, Sweden

03:29 pm

Painting of MCU!Loki

03:33 pm

Loki's Rhapsody from 'Jul I Valhal'

03:37 pm

Loki is a god in the sack

03:39 pm

From "Loki" by Mike Vasich

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04:00 pm

Thor and Loki drawn by cognitivemiscellanea

04:05 pm

Enslaved - "Loke"

10:05 pm

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

10:51 pm

Loki's Wife by Ros Barber

10:56 pm

"No figure in literature, oral or written, baffles us quite as much as the trickster."

02:42 pm

Altar with Loki statue


02:47 pm

Covers for "Eight Days of Luke"

02:57 pm

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki: "The Truth"

03:49 pm

Free online course on Norse mythology

03:53 pm

Thor & Loki in search of H.A.M.M.E.R.

10:11 pm

'Loki' by el-grimlock (dA)

10:15 pm


10:19 pm

“Loki” by Amy Mayr

10:23 pm

A version of the death of Baldr in which Loki is not present.

10:26 pm

Lady Loki (Marvel - Thor #600)

11:05 pm

'On the rainbow bridge' by jen-and-kris

11:12 pm

"Missing Lollipop" by Tara K Labus

11:19 pm

Loki & fire:

11:22 pm

"Remember Tokk" by Einherjer

11:34 pm

The Lokasenna as told by Better Myths

11:36 pm

Loki & The Other's uneasy alliance in 'The Avengers'

11:41 pm

You know, if it weren't for Loki, neither mjolnir nor gungnir would exist.

11:44 pm

eclectician: I cannot rightly call myself a Lokean yet, but...


05:37 pm

Norse society and ergi:

05:42 pm

'The Cool Big Half Bro' by Hellanim

05:50 pm

'Loki Good Loki Evil' by humon

05:53 pm

'The Seduction of Svadilfari' by novablue

05:57 pm

The Circle of Ostara: Dedicated to the overthrow of Loki’s Brood!

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05:59 pm

Heimdal, Ydun, Thor and Loke in Copenhagen


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