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Loki's Rhapsody - from the Danish Christmas family show "Jul i Valhal", 2005

A Eurovision-worthy spectacle as Loki, flanked by two skimpily-attired Jotuns, threatens to have his revenge on the Aesir and bring on Ragnarok.

(I don't speak any Northern European languages apart from English, so this is the best translation I could come up with via this and google translate. If you know Danish or Norwegian, please correct me!)

It is impossible to think
When you sit like a beast
Chained like a fool
All these years
How and when do I get the chance to cut my hair?
Without the beard [in my eggs – idiom?], I will leave my wall

And go home to them
And with claws five
Be wicked again
An old family friend shows his true face
And it may well be that two children get good ideas
Overlooking a bad character
And forget to focus, snowed in for more than a break [idioms?] 

Give me a little piano

Hear how it sounds when I crush the Aesir to shreds!
[Like grapes] they hang in bunches, laze and fool around

Now you must look out, Thor
The womanly crooner
We know where you live 

I’m not bitter or angry
I just have one tremendous desire:
To do everyone harm 

So I’m taking off, will you come with me?            

Hey what is that I smell? Is it home-baking?
Nay, it is the sweet smell of defeat.
Gods’ discomfort becomes the easiest thing
And with magic I force the Yule days back into the dark
To pat cakes that so unfortunately taste so dry 

Hey, Odin, you’re amusing in your ruin
A little one-eyed dwarf rabbit
That shakes like a coward
When I amuse myself
Ho ho ho ho!
I wonder who is backed into the corner, in retreat, with godly babbling?

Soon begins a new era
With a guy named Loki 

You cannot, just like that, throw one’s family out
Especially when they have been born as gods 

Enough is enough, sing in a group!
Go beserk!
God-shock, Lokelok, Ragnarok!

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