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“Remember Tokk” by Einherjer (1988, Norway)

I am the one of battle’s reason
I left this world my mother’s corpse
I am the eyes and heart of treason
My lullabye the screams of horse
I am the haunting and the hurting
I read the walls of memory
I am the fist in the face of glory
I grow and my fire with me

Hark! Is that the battle’s horn?

Has Ragnarok been born?
Fire runs my passion burns
Love cries as death comes
Is that the frost and fire?
Giants of south and those up higher
Fire runs my passion burns
Fear breaks and chaos rules

I am the incarnation of all ages
I’ve seen it all and of reason
Some of you may trust in me
And some of you may know that;
Stones and earth swore an oath
As did iron and all kinds of ore
Some cried tears but Tokk did not
She did what she could why ask for more


My children might be known to you
Some might even met them too
Guilt is mine in words not felt
Wisdom’s sons presence lack
Mother father which am I?
Ask my sons wolf or death
I will guarantee
This is not the last you’ve heard from me

I’ve felt the taste of poison
Water wet I breathe like air
I caused the earth to rumble
And soon the end of all you know
Some of you may recognize
My skills in lies and betrayal acts
The very same might find it strange
My brother is the wisdom’s face


The Einherjer are those who died in battle and were brought to Valhalla by the Valkyries to prepare for battle at Ragnarok. Tokk was a giant woman who refused to weep for Baldur, ensuring he remained in Hel; it’s heavily implied in myth that Tokk was Loki shapeshifted (yeah, nice one Loki).

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Enslaved - "Loke" from the album "Frost" (1994)

Laughter echoes through the night
The evening star shines over Midgard
Evil mingles in the dark
The organised cosmos' enemy comes forth

Loke, the son of Farbaute... Father of lies
Born of earth, unbound by laws

Takk weeps no heavy tears
For the loss of the sun's handsome son
But the mare in the woods submits
For the regaining of Foster brother's favour

Loke, the son of Farbaute... Father of lies
Born of earth, unbound by laws

The salmon glides in the waterfall
The eagle sails with the wind
Hammer groans in Jotun scull
The underground spurts fire

Laughter, deceit, beauty and contempt
The Old Norse Gods' protector and leader of Jotuns

...fucking metal. Some fine, fine demented laughter at the end there. 

If you like black metal, it's a classic album. If you don't, check out the lyrics anyway to the other tracks, such as "Fenris", "Jotunblod" and "Wotan".

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