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Heathen Problem #155: When you feel like Loki is hiding your things


Heathen Problem #155: When you feel like Loki is hiding your things

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The Circle of Ostara - Loki (1996) [excerpt]:

...As the Dark Age progresses Loki gains strength in material powers but loses the love, the compassion, that alone can make the use of our technical ability an activity in harmony with nature and the Earth.

That we have allowed ourselves to become enslaved by the monstrous money system is Loki's doing. He has given us into their hands, he has become their servant. The powers behind this "system" have great cunning and tell powerful lies but their actual creative abilities are very limited. They can take over the technology created by others and use it to great destructive effect, but the ability to build such a technology themselves is lacking. Our abilities, our inventive genius, have been delivered up to them - by Loki. We have been enticed into a trap.

We can see the tale of Loki's Brood as a parable for our times, see Fenris Wolf as technology, a force that began as the gentle servant of man but which grew strong and ever stronger and difficult to control until now it breaks loose and seems poised to devour us. We can see the World Serpent, Jormungandr, as the great strangling system of international finance that controls all nations and all races, a system that Thor's Hammer must needs destroy if any race or nation is to survive the cataclysmic future, a destruction that will "shake the world". Loki is our enemy, an enemy that lies within ourselves. As a spirit of invention he was of wonderful benefit to us so long as we held true to the pattern of our racial destiny, so long as we maintained our love and reverence for nature and the Earth and lived close to the divine spirits of our people.

Loki is manfest in each of us and must be fought there - in our own minds and souls. We must take care not to be part of Loki's Brood. Many children of this god reveal themselves by truckling to the rulers of the system, by accepting its lies and manipulation, by living for pleasure alone and physical sensation, by refusing to take risks even when they recognise the enemy. The Hel-hags of "women's lib" are part of Loki's Brood and all the anti-life forces of homosexuality and the touters of abortion.

The Circle of Ostara is dedicated to the overthrow of Loki's Brood.


This screed makes me ♥ Loki & his kids more than ever.

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'Loki Good Loki Evil' by humon at deviantArt


Loki Good Loki Evil by *humon

“A lot of people don’t realise this, but the texts we usually consider “canon” about the Nordic myths were actually written 200-300 years after the vikings, by Christians who put a christian spin on the stories.

Before the Christians people didn’t believe that warriors went to Valhalla and the sick/old/women/children to the underworld Hel. The vikings seem to have believed that everybody went to Hel, but Christians turned Valhalla into a kind of Heaven and Hel into Hell.

The jotuns (giants) didn’t seem to be evil either. There is evidence to suggest that people worshipped jotuns alongside the gods, and some even claimed to be related to jotuns. The gods ruled culture, and the jotuns nature. But the Christians were obsessed with the idea of good vs. evil, and turned the jotuns into devils.

And then there’s Loki. The few texts written by the vikings themselves never call Loki evil, just a trickster who acted first and thought later. Even the later christian texts can’t agree on how evil Loki was. For example, in two versions of Balder’s death Loki isn’t even mentioned, while he is the big evil mastermind behind it all in another. Christians wanted a Devil, and Loki was an easy pick.”

Nordic! Loki was my first love… And along came Hiddles! Loki, and everything was shot to hell.

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