Aug. 19th, 2012

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Norse!Loki by karmabees




Seeing lydia livestreaming her Sleipnir drawing last night drawing made me want to draw Norse!Loki. When I was like 10 and reading about norse mythology this is what my mind conjured up for him and it’s stayed about the same in my mind since then. Androgynous ginger kids woo!

ANYWAY i guess I’ll go draw other things now siiigh

I like this Loki very, VERY much.

There’s something about his nose, his eyes, even about his pose that makes him seem inhuman, that brings the wilds and the woods to mind, and that is the Loki I know, that is the one I see.

I love this so much. Nice work. ♥

The wilds and the woods!

Gorgeous work. 

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When people tell me they are into Norse mythology because they liked the movie Thor.

Seems to me it doesn't matter how you came to like Norse mythology, as long as you don't mistake inspiration for source.

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Rancid - Loki (0:48)

Set out to mislead
Sets out to murder
False appearance is everything to him
Is he good today, or is he evil
In a violent crazy spewing words of madness
It can go either way you never know
Conditioned to deceived and that's how he likes it
With all the guns going off who can say no to the guy
Who watch out, who's fucking nuts
'Cause Loki's playing tricks again
Loki's playing tricks again
Loki's playing tricks again
Loki's playing tricks again

...just how we like him :)

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Everyone was asleep in Asgard, which naturally made it a good time for Loki to run around being a dick. This asshole, up at way-too-fucking-late-o’clock decided that the only reasonable thing to do in this situation was to go piss off people he couldn’t handle, because no one ever told him not to pick fights he couldn’t handle. So what does this asshole do? He sneaks into Sif’s room while she’s asleep and cuts her fucking hair off. Why? Because he fucking could. To be a dick, he drops all the hair in a big pile on the floor and traipses the fuck off to go to sleep now that his work is done. 

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Loki is beautiful and comely to look upon, dishonest in spirit, very fickle in habit. He surpassed others in that wisdom which is called ‘sleight,’ and had artifices for all occasions; he would ever bring the Æsir into great hardships, and then get them out with crafty counsel.

― Gylfaginning XXXIII, Prose Edda  (via skadisdottir)
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