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“Loki” by DAIM, Milk & Hesh

"Loki" by DAIM, Milk & Hesh - Hamburg, Germany [1992]

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Thor and Loki's journey to Jotunheim

Thor [right] and Loki's [left] journey to Jotunheim, from "Norse Myths" by Kevin Crossley-Holland [Illustrated by Gillian McClure 1992]

Thor said summer was the open season and he announced his plan of making a journey east to Utgard and flexing himself against the giants. "However few they are," he said, "they are too many."

"In Utgard," said Loki, "you'll need sharp wits."

"Sharp wits," repeated Thor seriously.

"And yours are as blunt as your hammer," said Loki, winking at Thor. "Why not take me?"

Thor ignored the insult and accepted the offer. "Evil creature: good companion," he said.

Loki's eyes gleamed, now brown, now green, now indigo. His scarred lips twisted into a wolfish smile.

"Tomorrow, then," said Thor.

(I wish modern retellings more often would accept that the reason Odin and Thor often travelled with Loki once upon a time, was because they LIKED him. He wasn't always unpleasant or angry or malevolent, even if he was That Guy who kept people on their toes by having a giggle at their expense.)

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From "Odd and the Frost Giants" by Neil Gaiman [2010]:

“We can talk because, O mortal child—do not be afraid—beneath these animal disguises we wear…well, not actual disguises, I mean we are actually a bear and a fox and a big bird, which is a rotten sort of thing to happen, but where was I…?”

“Gods!” screeched the eagle.

“Gods?” said Odd.

“Aye. Gods,” said the bear. “I was just getting to that. I am great Thor, Lord of the Thunders. The eagle is Lord Odin, All-father, greatest of the Gods. And this runt-eared meddling fox is—”

“Loki,” said the fox smoothly. “Blood-brother to the Gods. Smartest, sharpest, most brilliant of all the inhabitants of Asgard, or so they say—”

“Brilliant?” snorted the bear.

“You would have fallen for it. Anyone would,” said the fox.

“Fallen for what?” said Odd.

A flash of green eyes, a sigh and the fox began. “I’ll tell you. And you’ll see. It could have happened to anyone. So, Asgard. Home of the mighty. In the middle of a plain, surrounded by an impregnable wall built for us by a Frost Giant. And it was due to me, I should add, that that wall did not cost us the Giant’s fee, which was unreasonably high.”

“Freya,” said the bear. “The Giant wanted Freya. Most lovely of the Goddesses—with, obviously, the exception of Sif, my own little love. And it wanted the Sun and the Moon.”

“If you interrupt me one more time,” said the fox, “one more time, I will not only stop talking, but I shall go off on my own and leave the two of you to fend for yourselves.”

The bear said, “Yes, but—”

Not one word.”

The bear was silent.

odd and the frost giants (color) by lunchboxmonkey (dA)

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From "The Almighty Johnsons" [NZ, 2012]

Oh, Loki ♥ 

Loki saves Ullr from a godhunter, because even though they despise one another, gods stick together against ebil Christians.

[Screened earlier this year on SyFy and SPACE. I love this series sooooooooo much and it's funny as hel, but it doesn't look like there's going to be a 3rd series D: Can't compete against cheap US imports fffff. PETITION.]

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Loge (played by Richard Croft)

Fricka/Frigga, Fasolt/Regin, Donner/Thor, Freia/Freyja, Froh/Freyr, Loge/Loki, Wotan/Odin and Fafner/Fafnir

Loge (Loki) and the gods (mouse over images for details), Das Rheingold by Wagner [Metropolitan Opera, USA 2010+]

After so many productions of Wagner, like Shakespeare, one of the highlights of a new production is in experiencing how creative and fabulous the costumes and production can get. This was directed by Cirque du Soleil director Robert Lepage (and it shows in the visuals!).

Loge is played by Richard Croft, who was apparently inspired by MCU!Loki in his performance after seeing the Avengers. His partner playfully compares him to MCU!Iron Man rather than Loki in looks:

Iron Man vs Loge

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