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Psych Ward: Kid Loki (March 2012)
(Kieron Gillen, writer of Marvel's recent Journey Into Mystery comics featuring Loki)

"The patient has a complicated history, to say the least. It's only made ever more complicated by the fact the subject is a self-confessed compulsive liar. There is a constant doubt of where truth begins and ends—or, in fact, if truth ever starts.

Loki is an orphan, adopted into a new family who are “the traditional enemy of his people.” His people are giants. Loki isn't. Loki appears to be 13-year old, and barring a late-growth spurt, it's unlikely he's a giant. While he is evidently superhuman and possibly supernatural, you begin to see why we start to doubt him.

He's previously had a strained relationship with all his adopted family. And then he committed suicide. He believes that all his family believes he was killed and sacrificed himself—but, in fact, it was his attempt to create a new start. Loki identifies as “the god of chaos.” He believes that in acting in a predictably evil way, he's acting against his nature. So, through death and rebirth, he can create the possibility of a new him, with a new personality, and escape history. 

Loki fears growing up. Specifically, he fears growing up to become the man he says he once was. He feels persecuted for his previous sins, and suffers beatings from other younger Asgardians, but claims to hold little resentment for it. While it upsets him, he believes he deserves the treatment for his past life's transgressions. He expresses love for his brother, and fears that his actions will betray him, no matter what his best intentions. When asked about free will, he seems doubtful whether it matters or not. “But you're human. I'm not. Maybe I can't change,” he says. He says his only talent is lies. He fears that it will only lead to ill. When asked how he is aware of this when he has no memories of his previous self, he explains that his history has been explained by his pet magpie, Ikol. I note that's an anagram, and the boy is terribly sarcastic.

For his sizeable charm, I find it difficult to disagree with him. He has also stolen many of my pens."

Journey Into Mystery #622

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